Alan Sprints of Hair of the Dog Brewing Company - Biography

Portland , OR

November 2011

Alan Sprints, Owner, Brewmaster and Chef of the Hair of the Dog Brewing Company grew up in California working a variety of jobs. Sprints was a bicycle repairman, a beach rental agent in Hawaii, and a stained glass artist before he landed his first chef job, where he worked in fine dining and catering for over four years. In 1992 he got his first job in the beer industry as a cellarman and brewer at Widmer Brewing Company in Portland, Oregon. He became the proud owner of Hair of the Dog Brewing Company and Tasting Room in 1993 and made his first beer in 1994. But Sprints hasn’t abandoned his chef whites; he still is the chef for the Tasting Room—all while producing fourteen beers each year (five are made year round and the others are made on a seasonal basis).

Strongly influenced by history and tradition, Sprints isn’t afraid to innovate. But if a recipe is successful, it doesn’t get “fiddled” with. Holiday beers are some of his favorites, and Sprints recommends high quality beer as an affordable luxury. Although his production is relatively small, he feels that barrel aging and small production contributes to the “craft” in craft brewing. His beers are sold as far east as Pennsylvania and New York, as well as in Europe and Asia.

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