Chef Adam Sappington of The Country Cat Dinnerhouse & Bar - Biography

Portland , OR

April 2012

Chef Adam Sappington has been in the kitchen for two decades, but you’d never know it from his youthful exuberance about all things cooking. His culinary roots run deep, all the way into his youth on a central Missouri farm, where his mother taught him the ins and outs of the kitchen and his grandmother took him on tours of the local farmers markets.

Sappington spent time as executive chef at the white-tablecloth Wildwood before opening his own restaurant, The Country Cat Dinner House & Bar in 2007. With pastry chef (and wife) Jackie at his side (whom he met while at Wildwood in the mid-1990s), Sappington sees The Country Cat as the perfect haunt for an entire spectrum of possible clientele in Portland, from hipsters to church goers to old fogies. Once lauded by Time as “the pre-eminent butchering chef in America,” Sappington is now considering opening a farm-to-table school focused on teaching sustainability to future chefs.