Rising Star Chef Adam Lambert of Ohio City Provisions - Biography

Cleveland, OH

November 2016

Cleveland native Adam Lambert began cooking as a teenager but really cut his teeth working for Michael Symon at Lola Bistro and Jonathan Sawyer at Bar Cento. In 2013, Lambert left Bar Cento to cut back on hours and focus on family. When he stepped away from the kitchen, a new professional calling began to ferment in his mind: he wanted to open a local, sustainable butcher shop with in-house artisan charcuterie. After taking on one more kitchen post as chef de cuisine at Black Pig, Lambert partnered with Fresh Fork Market’s Trevors Clatterbuck to begin planning what would become Ohio City Provisions. 

Lambert and Clatterbuck tied their business to Wholesome Valley Farms, a 200-plus acre polyculture farm in Holmes county. The farm will raise the multitude of heirloom pigs—Mangalista, Berkshire, Red Wattle, Tamworth, and Mulefoot—needed to stock the case at Ohio City Provisions, along with cows, heritage turkey, and chickens. As consulting chef at poutine and sausage concept, Banter, Lambert is already plying his skills on Wholesome Valley’s meats. And when their brick-and-mortar butcher shop opens in Ohio City this winter, fresh off of a StarChefs Rising Star Award, Lambert and Clatterbuck will have built a responsible, Ohio proud business sure to elevate standards for meat and charcuterie in the region.