Rising Star Chef Mihoko Obunai - Biography


Mihoko Obunai grew up in Japan and inherited a passion for cooking from her mother, who regularly cooked ten-course meals for the family. Obunai left Tokyo for New York, where she attended New York University and worked at a small Japanese restaurant called Zutto. After graduating from college she traveled to Peru to work for the Peace Corps. while there she learned Spanish and befriended several chefs, who encouraged her to follow her dream of cooking for a living.

Obunai returned to New York to attend the French Culinary Institute. After graduating, she worked at La Caravelle, L’Absinthe, Bayard’s, and Guastavino’s with mentor Daniel Orr. In 2005 she opened Repast in Atlanta with husband and co-executive chef Joe Truex. The restaurant is a blend of their styles and philosophies; her Japanese background is evident in the delicate and light flavors of her dashis, sashimis, and daily macrobiotic offerings. Obunai recently earned a certification in macrobiotics from Kushi Institute, and has taught at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Atlanta.

In the summer of 2010 Obunai and Truex announced that after four years Repast would permanently be closing it's doors. Obunai is looking forward to her next culinary adventure.