Sean Kenniff

Team StarChefs fanned out across the country in 2016 covering more ground than ever before.

D. J. Costantino
Caroline Hatchett

The best cookbooks of 2016 took us from Vivian Howard’s corner of North Carolina and Jessica Koslow’s...

Sean Kenniff
Briana Balducci

Imagine sitting down to a feast where you want to immediately face-plant into a glistening loaf of focaccia—studded from the inside out with...

Team StarChefs

It's a crazy, opportunity-filled time to work in the culinary industry, and we'd love to know where you and your compensation stand in it.

Attention foodservice professionals:

Plateware, breakage ... dish it out.

George Azar
Will Blunt

I sat thinking, with a full ash tray and a blank screen, about how I’d be perceived after this is read. Will I sound bitter, like a...

Sean Kenniff

At Sugar House, Bartender...

Chris Spear

Chef Jason Neroni knows a thing or two about high-...

Micah Fredman

Manish Mehrotra is here to set a few things straight. 

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