Guest Registration

Guest Registration

You must register your guests

Sponsors are allotted ICC passes (see your IO for quantity) to distribute to customers (restaurant professionals only).

Guest passes are for working restaurant professionals only. This does not include dealers. We strongly urge you to invite more guests than your allotment as early as possible (on the chance that some you invite can not make it). If you need more guest passes please let us know. Additional passes will be awarded on a case by case basis.

You must register ALL guests with their specific contact information. To ensure they do not wait on long lines, please register them prior to ICC and not on-site.

Please follow the instructions below to register your guests

Registration Instructions

Proceed to the event registration page here: Eventbrite Registration Page

  1. Jump to the "Order Now" button and click the text "Enter Promotional Code"
  2. Input the specific promo code provided to you
  3. Select "Apply"
  4. Proceed to the next page, where the first ticket selection (top row) will automatically update to reflect your complimentary pass rate.
  5. Please select the desired number of tickets you wish to register at that time
      You can register all your tickets at once or individually as you know who will be attending
  6. Proceed by selecting "Register." (Ensure that your promo code is still entered in the appropriate field)
  7. Fill out all information for your guest's registration.
      - Please input the specific email and name for each person you are registering This will ensure that your guest receives their ICC pass directly
      - The registration session is timed -- please be aware that you have 30 minutes to complete.