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Hunger Quiz

1. How many millions of Americans are hungry or at-risk of hunger __________?   Answer

2. The standard term used to describe households that are hungry or at risk of hunger in the U.S. is:   Answer
           A. unemployed
           B. low-income
           C. food insecure
           D. homeless

3. What is the total number of children in the U.S. living in poverty?
           A. 12 million
           B. 4 million
           C. 8 million
           D. 16 million

4. The single most effective federal program that protects low-income families from experiencing hunger is __________?   Answer

5. In the midst of strong economic growth, 32.3 million Americans:
           A. are undernourished
           B. remain poor
           C. are unemployed
           D. have made millions in the stock market

6. A person working 40 hours a week, 52 weeks each year at the federal minimum wage earns how much per year?   Answer
           A. $17,012
           B. $10,712
           C. $15,438
           D. $18,515

7. The income gap between rich and poor in America is:   Answer
           A. starting to decline
           B. wider than it has ever been
           C. too small to matter
           D. leveling off

8. Children who experience hunger in the U.S.:   Answer
           A. always receive school lunch
           B. won't suffer long term consequences
           C. have difficulty learning
           D. automatically receive food stamps

9. Around the world, more than __________ people currently experience hunger.   Answer
           A. 1 billion
           B. 790 million
           C. 523 million
           D. 1.5 billion


1. 31 million

2. (C.) food insecure

3. (A.) 12 million

4. Food Stamps

5. (B.) Remain Poor

6. (B.) $10,712

7. (B.) wider than it has ever been

8. (C.) have difficulty learning

9. (B.) 790 million

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