The American Institute of Wine & Food
For more information, contact: AIWF Sara Cotham, Membership Manager (800) 274-2493

The American Institute of Wine & Food is an educational non-profit organization dedicated to the pleasures, benefits and traditions of the table. There are 31 chapters across the country and a chapter in France. The membership is comprised of professionals in the food and wine industries as well as consumers. Our programs include wine seminars, in-depth and interactive tasting sessions, field trips to food and wine producers, and many other social and educational events.

Chefs Collaborative
For more information, contact: Chefs Collaborative 262 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02116
(617) 236-5200 E-mail: Fax: (617) 236-5272

Chefs Collaborative is a national network of more than 1,000 members of the food community who promote sustainable cuisine by celebrating the joys of local, seasonal, and artisanal cooking. Membership is open to anyone interested in the interconnectedness of the environment and food choices. Founded in 1993, the Collaborative is the only culinary organization that provides its members with tools for running economically healthy, sustainable food-service businesses and making environmentally sound purchasing decisions. While celebrating the pleasures of food, Collaborative members recognize the impact of food on our lives, on the well-being of our communities, and on the integrity of the global environment. By educating chefs and consumers, Chefs Collaborative seeks to encourage sustainable practices and improve the quality and taste of the food we eat.

International Association of Culinary Professionals
For more information, contact: IACP 304 West Liberty Street, Suite 201 Louisville, KY 40202 Phone: (800) 928-IACP or (502) 581-9786 Fax: (502) 581-9786 Web: E-mail:


Founded in 1978. Membership 4,000+ representing over 32 countries. This not-for-profit professional association's objectives include: providing continuing education and professional development, sponsoring of the annual IACP Cookbook Awards, promoting the exchange of culinary information among members of the professional food community, establishing professional and ethical standards, and funding scholarships.

The James Beard Foundation
For more information, contact: The James Beard Foundation 167 West 12th Street New York, NY 10011 (212) 675-4984 or (800) 36-BEARD Fax: (212) 645-1438 Web:

The James Beard Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, was founded in 1985 at the suggestion of Julia Child to keep alive the philosophy, ideals, and practices that earned James Beard his reputation as the father of American gastronomy.

Located in Beard's townhouse in the heart of New York's Greenwich Village, the Foundation is a culinary center for food professionals and enthusiasts, and sponsors culinary events open to the public. Every day of the week, chefs, pastry chefs, winemakers, and cooking teachers from around the country come to The Beard House to prepare meals, conduct tastings, or lead workshops and classes.

In addition, The Beard House is available as a meeting space for other not-for-profit groups, and its Library and Archives provide a wide-ranging resource for food and wine writers, chefs and students. The James Beard Foundation also holds many dinners and events outside of New York City.

In 1990, the Foundation established The James Beard Foundation Awards, which brought together the two most prestigious recognition programs of the time, the Tastemaker Book Awards and Who's Who of Food & Wine in America.

National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, Inc. (NASFT)
Requests for membership information are welcome, please contact: NASFT 120 Wall Street, 27th Floor New York, NY 10005 (212) 482-6440 Fax: (212) 482-6459

  • To foster trade, commerce and the interest of the members engaged in the specialty food industry through trade shows and the media.
  • To promote friendly intercourse within the specialty food industry.
  • To foster research in the interests of the specialty food industry.


The NASFT has sponsored the Fancy Food Shows since 1954. Today, the combined annual gross exhibit space in the Winter and Summer Fancy Food Shows approaches 800,000 square feet, attracting an annual attendance of 50,000 members of the trade. Only NASFT members may exhibit at the Shows.

The NASFT publishes a bi-monthly magazine with a circulation of about 300,000. The magazine reports on specialty food trends, cuisines of the world, NASFT members' products, outstanding specialty food retailers, legislative matters relating to food and other subjects of interest to the specialty food and restaurant industries.


The NASFT has a membership of 19,000 manufacturers, distributors, importers, brokers, foreign government offices and other suppliers of specialty foods. To educate its membership, the NASFT publishes a newsletter, The NASFT Insider, supports educational programs and is a source of specialty food information and networking.

National Restaurant Association
National Restaurant Association 1200 Seventeenth Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036 Phone: (202) 331-5900 Fax: (202) 331-2429 E-mail: Web:

The National Restaurant Association is the definitive membership-based business association for the restaurant industry. With more than 30,000 members representing more than 175,000 restaurants, National Restaurant Association membership includes tableservice restaurants, quickservice outlets and cafeterias, as well as professionals and academic institutions associated with the industry.

The National Restaurant Association was created in 1923 by industry leaders who recognized that there are some things restaurateurs can do better when working together than they can do working alone. To this day, that credo serves as a basic principle for the Association as it continues to serve its members by representing, educating and promoting the restaurant industry.

With national offices in Washington, D.C., and a strong grassroots program, the National Restaurant Association ensures a powerful and effective voice for the restaurant industry on Capitol Hill.

The National Restaurant Association is the leading source for research and information on the restaurant industry. The National Restaurant Educational Foundation, located in Chicago, develops and provides educational training programs. The annual Trade Show, held in Chicago every May, attracts more than 100,000 restaurateurs and suppliers who want to see and to learn about the latest industry products, services and trends.

Please see the Web site for member benefits and to learn how to become a member.

New York Women's Culinary Alliance
For more information, contact: 115 East 9th Street, Apt. 19G, New York. Tel. (212) 674-6097

New York Women's Culinary Alliance (NYWCA) is an organization that promotes cooperation and education among women in the food industry. The membership of the Alliance, which includes a cross section of food professional share information through member generated programs and seminars. Ongoing food and wine tastings, lectures and field trips provide members with continuing education. The Alliance also participates in community affairs through volunteer work and fund raising.

Roundtable For Women In Foodservice
For more information, contact: Deborah Hicks, RWF, 1372 La Colina Drive, #B Tustin, CA 92780 (800) 898-2849, Fax: (800) 898-2849


Roundtable for Women in Foodservice (RWF) is a national organization of foodservice professionals, devoted to providing educational, mentoring and networking opportunities to enhance the development and visibility of women.


The organization started in New York City in 1983. There are 10 chapters throughout the United States. RWF's "point of difference" among foodservice industry organizations is that they are the only association focused on the development and enhancement of women's careers throughout all corporate and entrpreneurial, supplier and service segments of the industry. The two levels of membership are professional ($150) and student.

As part of the goals for the next millennium, RWF is committed to continually providing each member with:

  • Professional Development and Leadership opportunities
  • Networking on both a local and national level
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Local and National Scholarships
  • Access to National Job Banks

Slow Food
For more information visit website or call toll free number 1-877-SLOWFOOD (756-9366).


Slow Food is the largest food association in the world which is committed to supporting and promoting the world's quality food and beverage patrimony.


The Slow Food Movement is a non-profit organization with 60,000 members in 35 countries founded in the Piedmont region of Italy by Carlo Petrini in 1986. Our goal is to promote mankind's inalienable right to pleasure through good eating and counter the onslaught of supermarket and fast food culture that standardizes tastes and extinguishes local variety in the production of food and beverages. The primary tool for spreading Slow ideas is the Convivium (chapter), a group of people in a given area who meet on an informal basis to promote micro-purveyors of traditional fare. Convivia are the grass root structures that help advance Slow Food's three main initiatives:

  • The Ark Project: a scientific and advertising startegy to protect foods and drinks from extinction.
  • Taste Education Program: Slow Food has recently published a book called
  • "Doing Saying Tasting: Taste Education in Grade-Schools" to advance the discourse of taste education in grade schools.
    Fraternal Tables: Slow Food has three active tables (one in Brazil, one in Sarajevo, and one in Italy) to help those who need assistance. Slow Food also publishes a quarterly journal, various newsletters, and holds major food events around the world each year such as the Salone Del Gusto, Cheese, and the Lubeck Food Festival.
    Email for Membership information.

  • Women Chefs & Restaurateurs
    For more information, contact: WRC 304 West Library Street, Suite 201 Louisville, KY 40202 Phone: (502) 581-0300 Fax: (502) 589-3602


    The mission of the Women Chefs & Restaurateurs (WRC) is to promote the education and advancement of women in the restaurant industry and the betterment of the industry as a whole.


    Exchange:To facilitate communication and exchange of ideas between members and to promote professional contacts.
    Education: To provide educational opportunities for professional and personal development for women in all sectors of the restaurant industry.
    Enhancement: To create and expand professional and business opportunities for women working in or wishing to enter the restaurant industry.
    Equality: To provide support and foster an environment which insures women equal access to the position, power and rewards offered by the restaurant industry.
    Empowerment: To examine the issues of women in the workplace and to advocate the improvement of work environments in the restaurant industry.
    Entitlement: To provide opportunities, encouragement and support for women of all backgrounds who wish to enter or advance in the restaurant industry.
    Environment: To promote efforts to safeguard and improve the global food and water supply.
    Excellence: To foster standards of excellence and integrity within the restaurant industry.


    $35 Student
    $75 Restaurant Professional
    $175 Executive
    $250 Restaurant/Small Business
    $1500 Corporate

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