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Action Against Hunger is dedicated to the fight against hunger. Our programs address hunger on four fronts -- nutrition, water and sanitation, food security, and health. With programs in over 40 countries, specializing in emergency situations of war, conflict, and natural disaster, our ultimate goal is to help vulnerable populations regain their self-sufficiency for long term sustainability.

AAH pioneered the therapeutic milk formula, F100 ( ), which significantly reduced the mortality rate of malnourished children from more than 20% to 5%. This formula is now in use by all major humanitarian organizations.

We deliver emergency aid and longer-term assistance directly to people suffering from the dire consequences of natural disaster or man-made crisis. Today, with Head Offices in Paris, Madrid, London and New York, Action Against Hunger-USA is part of the Action Against Hunger network, operating in 40 countries worldwide.

Action Against Hunger intervenes through emergency relief operations in situations of war, crisis and famine. Our aim is to save lives and bring aid to populations in extreme difficulty, such as displaced persons or refugees who no longer have access to food, and then to hand over project responsibilities to local teams. We accomplish this via a four-pronged approach to combating hunger:

Nutrition (
Our teams of international volunteers distribute food to the severely malnourished to ensure that aid isn’t diverted. We set up feeding centers to treat malnutrition. We control malnutrition through child-growth monitoring and nutritional surveys, and act to prevent malnutrition in whole communities by providing nutrition education.

Food Security
We help rural communities regain their self-sufficiency by revitalizing the local economy through the distribution of agricultural tools and seeds and by conducting training programs in income-generating activities such as farming, gardening, and animal breeding.

We facilitate the provision of, and access to, safe drinking water via drilling of wells, tapping of springs, and improvement of local water systems. The maintenance of equipment and continued use of clean water is sustained through training of local staff and public education regarding the importance of safe drinking water and sanitation.

We believe that access to health care is just as important as the provision of food. We set up mother and child health centers (providing immunization and pre/post-natal care) and public health programs (involving rehabilitation of clinics, training of medical staff, provision of medicine, and monitoring and control of epidemics).

Today, over 400 professional field workers and 4,000 local aid workers are fighting day after day to make sure that people, especially women and children, are given the most basic human right – the right to food. Each year, Action Against Hunger brings relief to more than 4 million people, thanks to the support of individuals, international institutions, foundations and companies.

For more information or to make a donation please visit our website

Action Against Hunger is a registered 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Non-Profit Organization founded and incorporated in New York State in 1985.

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