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Chefs to Know

- a guide to chefs for chefs, 2nd Edition

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» Chefs to Know, 1st Edition (published September 2007) Chefs to Know
a guide to chefs for chefs, 2nd Edition

August 2008

Chefs to know - Buy it now! is launching the second edition of Chefs to Know: A Guide to Chefs for Chefs. The book highlights over 600 notable chefs and pastry chefs across the country, plus a group of over 100 sommeliers, mixologists, and international chefs, each selected by our editorial staff, who has tasted with and interviewed celebrated leaders in the culinary field for more than 13 years. The second edition of Chefs to Know features over 50 full-page photos and 50 recipes plus contact information and fun facts about every chef, from their favorite flavor combinations to their most indispensable kitchen tool. Nationally-acclaimed chefs including Masaharu Morimoto, Grant Achatz, Thomas Keller, Larry Forgione, Nobu Matsuhisa, Jose Andres, and Charlie Trotter, to name a few, have all contributed their culinary know-how. New additions to the second edition include sommelier, mixologist, and international chef sections, plus new kitchen facts and fast facts, and a pull-out guide to chefs' favorite off-the-beaten-path restaurants around the country.

Beyond serving as a guidebook to country's best restaurants and culinary talent, this reference is an essential tool for industry professionals, culinary students, media, and curious diners who want to know about the people behind America's professional stoves.

What industry leaders are saying about Chefs to Know:

" once again proves its true understanding of the industry by providing an invaluable resource for anyone serious about gastronomy." -Grant Achatz, Alinea

“Chefs to Know is an invaluable reference for chefs, anyone in the industry, and diners. The chef dining recommendations in “Restaurants off the Beaten Path” will provide any adventurous eater with dining destinations for at least a year.” -Wylie Dufresne, wd~50

“ has always produced pioneering innovations that have helped the hospitality industry work more effectively and efficiently. This indispensable guide is just another opportunity to wonder, ‘why didn’t I think of that?!’ I’m confident that a copy of Chefs to Know will end up on the desk of every culinary professional in America”
-Danny Meyer, Union Square Hospitality Group

“Chefs to Know is a great tool for all working chefs in this country, and even more important for international chefs looking to take initiative and familiarize themselves with the diverse American culinary landscape.”
-Marcus Samuelsson, Aquavit

“Sometimes the Internet is just too much information. This guide cuts the chef world down to reliable size.”
-Regina Schrambling,

“Chefs to Know is a comprehensive guide to American chefs and a valuable resource for culinary students and veteran chefs alike - it’s the who, what, when, where and how of the fastest-growing industry in the country.”
-Norman Van Aken, Norman’s

Release Date: September 14, 2008.

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