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September 2002 BOSTON
B i o g r a p h y
Dante deMagistris was raised in an Italian-American family in Belmont, Massachusetts. Before bringing him back to Boston, his career in the culinary industry has brought deMagistris to Sant'Agata, Italy, where he worked as sous chef at Don Alfonso Ristorante-a three star Michelin restaurant on the Amalfi Coast.

Under the amiable and dedicated owners there, deMagistris acquired a fine-tuned sense of the local ingredients, and developed a flare for pairing local ingredients to enhance the flavor of his dishes.

Today, deMagistris is 27, and is working his debut as Executive Chef position at blu, and works alongside Jody Adams of Boston's Rialto, creating menus that feature sophisticated American classics based on traditional European cuisine. Diners who seek food with true flavors and ingredients that lift a dish to the inspired will be refreshingly satisfied with blu. deMagistris is especially pleased to be working in the architecturally stunning location at the Sports Club/LA, where his dining room is elevated 100 feet in the air, looking down on a brilliant urban street scene.