Sommelier Pascaline Lepelitier
Rouge Tomate
10 East 60th Street
New York, NY 10022
(646) 237-8977

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  • Chef Jeremy Bearman and Sommelier Pascaline Lepeltier of Rouge Tomate

  • Pascaline Lepelitier

    Rising Star Sommelier Pascaline Lepeltier
    Rouge Tomate | New York, NY

    Wine Tips for the Sommelier:


    1. Taste, taste and taste…and don’t forget to smell. Wine is an amazingly complex, multi-layered product with thousands of aromas and thousands of textures. Everything you eat will give you new keys to taste the wines and to share your impressions and knowledge with the guests. And don’t forget to smell, from blossoming trees to laundry soap to the beach after a storm.

    2. Bitterness is your friend and acidity is the backbone of wine. Don’t be afraid of them.

    3. Preserve. The sommeliers are the final link between the vineyard or winemaker and the guests. We have to respect their works, especially if we have some natural, low-sulfite wines. Storage is our responsibility once the wines are in the restaurant.

    4. The final touch: try as much as you can to be precise. The appropriate glassware, the proper temperature of service—every detail counts. I have my Pinot Noir-based wine stored 2°C cooler than my Cabernet Sauvignon- or Syrah-based wines to be sure to have a good temperature for service.

    5. Visit. The only way to approach the heart of a wine is to visit the terroir where it is born and to listen to the winemakers. Wine is a landscape in a glass.

    6. Read, watch, and listen. Because wine is a cultural product, it is totally part of the fine arts world. There is some music, even a movie in every bottle of wine. Understand it through history, humanity, sociology. Grasp it in every bottle you open.