Ania Zawieja


206 Spring Street
New York, NY
(212) 653-0100

Sommelier Ania Zawieja

Fiamma | New York

Zawieja is one of NYC’s female power sommeliers, with three major three-star New York wine programs under her belt. She began at The Modern as assistant wine director and went on to open L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon as wine director, where she crafted a stellar list to match Robuchon/Suga’s opulent French-Japanese cuisine, and took the time to lead wine seminars for The Four Season’s staff as well. She went to Fiamma for Fabio Trabocchi’s takeover, and wasn’t content to rest on the laurels of the Italian list. She immediately branched out, adding Spanish, French, and new world labels, turning it into one of the city’s most compelling lists. Her logic is sound: she says Trabocchi’s food is not only Italian—it’s heavily French-influenced—so why shouldn’t the wine list be as dynamic as the menu?

Wine Tips

On Collecting:

“I can’t collect because I end up drinking everything I buy, but if I could I would definitely collect white Burgundies. I would love to drink Burgundy every day—I think we all would! But I lived in Spain, in Mallorca, so I’m very biased to Spanish wine. There are some Mallorcan wines on the list at Fiamma, in fact. Part of the Spanish wine philosophy is that you don’t have to age the wine for a long time—there are great wines ready to drink right now! It’s a beautiful philosophy of winemaking and release.”

On Wine Books:

“The Wine Bible is my favorite resource. It’s one of the first books that I read and that I actually still use. It’s great for teaching—it’s all about keeping things really basic. When I led wine classes at The Four Seasons, I recommended it for all of my students.”

On New World Territories:

“If you’re interested in making wine, Oregon is the place to get into it. There’s some real potential there. I’m a big Burgundy fan, and the closest new world wine region is Oregon. Domaine Serene is an inspiration, both in terms of their wine and their story.”

On Re-Vamping Fiamma:

“I’ve expanded the cellar by 40%. We now have 680 labels and over 6,000 bottles. There was a major renovation right when I came in—including the wine cellar. I expanded the list to include a number of Spanish, American, and French regions, including Rias Baixas, Malaga, Long Island, Oregon, Rhone, and Alsace.”

On New Italian Favorites:

“I knew all about French varietals when I came here, so it was exciting to learn about something else. I love wines from Piemonte (Piedmont)—I recommend them a lot. I love the French-style nose and soft tannins that nebbiolos can have.”



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   Published: September 2008