Rising Star Sommelier Michael Garcia of XYZ

Michael Garcia
XYZ at the W San Francisco
181 3rd St,
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 777-5300

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Sommelier Michael Garcia
XYZ at the W San Francisco | San Francisco

Wine Tips

Don’t be afraid to share your passion and knowledge…
Whether your wine list has 100 selections or more than 1000 selections, there is always room to highlight some of the things that you are passionate about. Whether it is a selection of grower-producer Champagnes, auction selections of German Rieslings, or a small collection of unique Spanish wines with varietals like Godello, Bobal, and Mencía, a little bit of information peppered into the wine list goes a long way in piquing curiosity about your unique choices. Many of the lesser-known wines that we love, no matter how delicious they are, can languish on a wine list if we do not put our best foot forward in trying to make these wines more accessible to our guests. I have found that adding a little story about a wine, or a group of wines makes the wine experience more interactive, arms the guest with more knowledge. This allows them to engage the server or sommelier with a bit more comfort. Even if the guest is not interested in these selections on a particular evening, I find that these bits of information are often catalysts for talking about other wines on the list. Another added bonus is that a story or feature can often make the list more fun and can often turn the list into exciting reading material for our guests as they enjoy their evening with us.

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   Published: June 2007