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Christine Law
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Christine Law, a 33-year-old California native, has been a pastry chef for Wolfgang Puck for six years, starting at Spago in Palo Alto in 1997. She joined Postrio in the summer of 2000, having worked there previously as a pastry cook.

Christine has loved baking since she was a child, but it wasn’t until she worked in a hotel bakeshop during college that she considered making a career out of it. After graduating from San Jose University with a degree in Hospitality Management, Christine enrolled in the California Institute of America in New York and specialized in pastry.

Although Christine takes great pleasure in eating and creating a variety of desserts, her true affinity is for ice cream. Her first and fondest memories of eating ice cream came at an early age. Christine’s grandfather had a peach tree in his backyard and each summer the two of them spent hours making peach ice cream in a hand-crank (a White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer).

Living within walking distance of Baskin Robbins also contributed to Christine’s passion for the cold and creamy treat. Her favorite Baskin Robbins ice cream flavors as a child are Chocolate Malt, Burgundy Cherry and Baseball Nut. According to Christine, “that was back in the day before every ice cream had a name-brand candy bar or cookie stirred into it. Baskin Robbins actually had to come up with their own 31 unique flavors!”

Christine recently attended the highly regarded Ice Cream Short Course at Penn State, the nation’s oldest and best-known educational program on ice cream manufacturing. At Postrio, her philosophy for ice cream, and all desserts, is to “use the finest, freshest ingredients, which are essential to preparing flavorful creations.”

Christine's style of desserts combines her knowledge of European classics learned in school with the traditional American baking she learned from her family. When she’s not in her own pastry kitchen, she can be found sampling ice cream across the world, from Sebastopol to New York City to Rome. Ultimately, Christine hopes to own her own ice cream business someday.

   Published: October 2005