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Lacroix at the Rittenhouse | Philadelphia, PA


Born and raised in Somerdale, New Jersey, Matt Maslowski began his culinary career at age 14, working as a dishwasher for a nearby catering company. While working private parties, he became acquainted with the pastry arts and decorative desserts. Intrigued by their sugary perfection, Maslowski decided to learn everything about pastry and to get his foot in the door, he took a part time job as a pot washer at a local bakery.

Maslowski began working harder and faster to get his dishes washed so he could observe the bakers decorate and finish the cakes. He asked hundreds of questions each day, determined and eager to learn all he could. Impressed by Maslowski’s enthusiasm and insatiable knowledge, the head baker offered to train him in cake decorating.

Maslowski knew he had found his true calling and went a step further, enrolling in the Restaurant School of Philadelphia. Excited to learn in both the kitchen and classroom, Maslowski completed school in 1990, graduating second in his class with honors.

His apprenticeship led him to the Fountain Room at The Four Seasons in Philadelphia where he spent the next seven years working under some of the finest chefs in Philadelphia, such as Executive Chef Jean-Marie Lacroix and his mentor, Executive Pastry Chef Eddie Hales. Following the Four Seasons, he was recruited to become the Executive Pastry chef for Player’s Island Hotel and Casino in Louisiana, where he spent the next two years honing his pastry skills.

He later returned to Philadelphia as executive pastry chef, working alongside executive chef Tony Clark at the Sheraton Rittenhouse Square and then returned to The Fountain Room at The Four Seasons as the assistant pastry chef. Once again, his skills were sharpened as he worked closer with Chef Lacroix on upgrading and adapting the current style of the desserts and presentation. Maslowksi soon left to work at several local renowned establishments including Ciboulette and Novelty.

Two years later, Maslowski and Chef Lacroix were reunited after Lacroix invited his protégé to be the pastry chef in his prestigious new restaurant, Lacroix at The Rittenhouse. Here at Lacroix, Maslowski’s desserts are often described as “progressive”, producing sweet and savory combinations such as olive ice cream with sweet tomato tarte tatin and port poached pear with goat cheese ice cream.


 Published: May 2004