Kalamansi Gelée, White Chocolate-Coconut-Soy Milk Soup, Tapioca, and Litchi-Shiso Sorbet
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Kalamansi Gelée, White Chocolate-Coconut-Soy Milk Soup, Tapioca, and Litchi-Shiso Sorbet
Pastry Chef Adrian Vasquez of Providence – Los Angeles, CA
Adapted by StarChefs.com
November 2009


Kalamansi Gelée: (makes 28 servings)
800 grams frozen Le Boiron kalamansi juice
800 grams water
400 grams sugar
1 vanilla bean, split and scraped
35 grams gold gelatin

Litchi-Shiso Sorbet: (makes 60 servings)
245 grams sugar
11 grams sorbet stabilizer
136 grams p-glucose powder
806 grams warm water
45 grams trimoline
3 bunches shiso
1 kilogram litchi puree
60 grams fresh lime juice

White Chocolate-Coconut-Soy Milk Soup: (makes 30 servings)
200 grams white chocolate
500 grams soy milk
500 grams coconut puree with 20% sugar added
125 grams tapioca

To Assemble and Serve:
Sliced coquitos
Micro shiso


For the Kalamansi Gelée:
Put the frozen kalamansi juice in a pot to defrost. In another pot, add the water, sugar, scraped vanilla bean, and gold gelatin one at a time and heat slowly to dissolve the gelatin and sugar. When the syrup is just warm, mix with an immersion blender. Using a metal spatula, chop the partially defrosted kalamansi juice like a granita and return to the pot. Strain the syrup through a chinois into the pot with the chopped kalamansi and bring together with an immersion blender (this way the kalamansi juice will not separate). Pour into a lexan lid; transfer to refrigerator and chill until set.

For the Litchi-Shiso Sorbet:
Combine the sugar, sorbet stabilizer, and glucose powder in a bowl and mix. Slowly whisk in the water and trimoline and bring to a boil; transfer to an ice bath. When the syrup is cold put in a Vita Prep with the shiso and mix on high for 1 minute. Add the litchi puree, shiso syrup, and lime juice to a bain-marie; blend with an immersion blender and process in a Pacojet immediately to maintain the color. 

For the White Chocolate-Coconut-Soy Milk Soup:
Melt the white chocolate. Heat the soy milk and coconut puree and add slowly to the melted white chocolate to emulsify. Add sugar and salt to taste.

Fill a 2-liter pot with water and bring to a rolling boil. Add the tapioca and cook for approximately 10 minutes (the tapioca is done when a white speck appears in the center when removed from the water for 5 seconds). Rinse in cold water.

Add half of the white chocolate-coconut-soy milk soup to the tapioca and refrigerate while monitoring. The tapioca should absorb the soup and become thick. Add more soup as needed to reach desired consistency.

To Assemble and Serve:
Pour chocolate-coconut-soy milk soup with tapioca into a bowl. Cut a round of gelée and place it in the middle of the bowl on top of the soup. Top with a quenelle of litchie-shiso sorbet. Garnish with thinly sliced coquitos and micro shiso.