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SC: Why did you start cooking?

TG: “I began cooking to peruse my passion for the hospitality industry. It was an artistic side of myself that I always had an urge to express. I was inspired everyday.”

SC: Who are your mentors?

TG: “Christian Renault of La Petit Auberge in Fredericksburg, VA was my first mentor at 19 years old.” Some of my other mentors include Robert Greault of La Colline in D.C., Roberto Donna of Galileo, the late Jean Louis Palladin, and Daniel Boulud.

SC: Which chefs do you consider to be your peers?

TG: The chefs I consider to be my peers are my immediate professional friends and associates: Roberto Donna, Daniel Boulud, Jeff Tunks, Michel Richard, Robert Weidmeier, and Brian McBride.

SC: Which chefs do you most admire?

TG: “The chefs I most admire are Jean Georges Vongerichten, Thomas Keller, and Daniel Boulud.”

SC: What is your most indispensable kitchen tool? Why?

TG: My favorite kitchen tool is an 8" serrated utility knife. “Because I can cut meat, fish, vegetables and even bread.”

SC: What city do you like for culinary travel? Why?

TG: My favorite culinary travel destinations are Northern California, Italy and New York. “Because of their vast depth in product diversity and Northern California and Italy remind me very much of each other.” I like NYC because of great its diversity and the quality of food and service there.

SC: What are your favorite food haunts?

TG: My food haunts are Spice Asian Cafe in D.C., my refrigerator at home, and The Crab Shack in Kilmarnock, VA.

SC: What is your favorite spice?

TG: “Salt - end of sentence!”