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    Living foods cuisine focuses on using specific techniques to obtain the maximum nutritional value from ingredients, nutritional value that is generally destroyed through conventional cooking. As such, living foods are not cooked in a traditional sense. Rather, they are put through a variety of alternative processes that combine and intensify flavors and create a variety of textures, while retaining the original food's true nutritional value. These methods include the application of low heat (118° F or less), soaking, blending and straining. Special equipment is used in these techniques, including low temperature convection ovens, blenders, food processors and juicers. Roxanne Klein and her team have mastered the use of these tools and techniques, successfully creating elaborate, flavorful, masterfully rendered dishes while retaining all of the essential nutrients found in uncooked foods.

Roxanne Klein's vision is to elevate living foods cuisine to the ultimate level of gastronomic enjoyment. However, Roxanne and Michael do not wish to violate their high environmental standards in doing so, and as such, their entire facility was conceived and constructed with ecological sustainability in mind. All materials used, from the take-out packaging to the structure of the building itself, have been chosen specifically for this purpose. Only non-toxic and recycled or certified sustainable resources have been used and waste composting is an integral part of the operation. As a final touch, the restaurant is substantially powered by a solar generating plant on its roof, making Roxanne's a truly unique and socially responsible eatery.