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Roxanne Klein
Chef & Owner – Roxanne’s – Larkspur, CA

Roxanne Klein has emerged as one of America's hottest chefs, no small feat considering that every dish she creates is raw. After opening her eponymous restaurant in December 2001, Roxanne vaulted to the forefront of the newest culinary genre. Her success in transforming the freshest locally produced organic ingredients into exciting and satisfying multicourse meals has been recognized by virtually every major national and international publication that covers fine dining. Roxanne has also applied her zeal for creating new recipes to Raw, a living foods cookbook, co-authored with renowned chef Charlie Trotter and due out November 2003.

As a fifth generation Californian, fresh organic foods have been part of Roxanne's life from the day she was born. Growing up on her grandparents' organic farm, Roxanne was continually exposed to the perfection of produce in its natural state and developed the seasonal awareness that guides her creations today. She later attended the California Culinary Academy, applying her meticulous nature to the pursuit of a classic chef's education. After graduating from the CCA, Roxanne went on to work at a number of internationally recognized restaurants.

Roxanne is an active advocate of sustainable living in all its forms and has worked with a number of related organizations, including the Culinary Vegetable Institute (CVI) and the Rainforest Action Network. She has also directed the children's cooking and gardening projects at her daughter's school and manages her own three-acre vegetable garden and orchard in Marin County.