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Ferrán Adrià
He has been called
the Salvador Dalí of the kitchen.
Some regard him as the best chef in the world. According to Juan Mari Arzak, who is considered the father of modern Spanish cuisine, "Ferrán Adrià is the most innovative man in the history of cooking."

Adrià’s reputation stems from his experimental tendencies, skewing ingredients into unexpected textures and serving them at unconventional temperatures. In his Hot Gin Fizz, Adrià combines temperature extremes with frozen lemon juice and hot lemon foam. He’s employed and navigated new techniques and gadgets to fascinating results and his creativity is inspiring. People travel from around the world to dine at El Bulli, his restaurant in Roses, Spain, where diners experience the new and exciting food that is at the forefront of the industry. » more
Recipes + Hot Gin Fizz
+ Spoonful of Piña Colada
+ Frozen Caipirinha
+ Cloud of Carrot
+ Mango Ravioli
+ Apple Caviar


   Published: July 2005