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* Rest. Biz 101:
Opening Up Your Own Restaurant
* {By Rick Kouns, the "Restaurant Profit Planner"}

About Rick Kouns
Rick Kouns began his career in business as an entrepreneur. In 1992 he owned and operated “The Only Place Café” in Ashland, KY. He sold the company in 1993, and the following year, he opened “Ja Ja Beans,” a coffee bar chain serving several locations in Central Ohio. In 1995, Rick became the Northeast Operations Director for Timothy’s World Coffee in New York. During his tenure, he opened 36 new retail outlets in four states and managed over 180 employees. In 1997, Rick became the New York General Manager for New World Coffee, where he grew the retail units within the metropolitan New York area. Rick transitioned into a business advisor/consultant role in 1998 with Jerry Raifman & Co. in Northport, New York, where he worked with small and mid-size clients. In 1999, he became the Director of Finance of YouthStream Media Networks, Inc., a publicly traded company operating 44 retail stores and a media division that targeted the young adult market. Rick co-founded Profit Planners, Inc. in 2002. This new entity provides accounting, tax, business services and retail consulting. In addition to these traditional services, Profit Planners also helps businesses with financing, as well as mergers and acquisitions. Rick works with numerous clients in the foodservice industry, including restaurant suppliers, fine dining establishments, theme/family restaurants, QSRs, and private chefs.

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