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Developing Objectives, Strategies & Tactics

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Objectives communicate what the restaurant wants to achieve. An operatorÝs objectives should be realistic but challenging, as well as quantifiable, specific and measurable. Once the objectives are developed, the next step is to develop strategies. Strategies are general statements that show what the restaurant needs to do to meet its objectives. Tactics demonstrate how the strategies will be achieved. Listed on the next page is a suggested format for objectives, strategies and tactics:

Objective: To increase sales by 8% from February 19XX to December 19XX.

Strategy 1: Focus on bringing lunch customers back for dinner.

Strategy 2: Introduce the take-out concept during lunch.

Tactic 1: Introduce the ýSee Ya Laterţ Promotion to all lunch customers. When a customer comes in for lunch, he or she will drop their business card in the bowl.  At the end of the month, the company with the most business cards in the bowl wins an after-work party for 12.

Tactic 2: Table tent cards will be set up during lunch to promote ýWe Deliver It To Your Desk. In addition, we will compile a list of lunch customers from our database and send promotions via mail.

Tactic 3: Implement a frequent diner program that instantly rewards customers for repeat patronage. The program will focus onattracting repeat business on slow nights and enticing lunch customers to come back for dinner. 

When setting up objectives, an operator should be careful not to bite off more than he or she can chew. If an operator sets too many objectives, chances are very little will be accomplished. An operator should develop four to six objectives for the year, as well as multiple strategies for each objective.

Table of Contents

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