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Always Near.
While employees once congregated in one place, at one time, sometimes for days on end and thousands of miles from their homes to receive critical training, learning can now be as close as the nearest computer or electronic device. Instead of disrupting their routines, sacrificing time and productivity, employees can go about their daily business and engage in training in their downtime.

Always On.
Courses are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. Digital learning is "just in time" and on-demand, delivering knowledge when and where the employee needs it, and as often as they need it. This concept of "anywhere-anytime" learning leads to greater student retention and satisfaction, in addition to significant cost savings for employers. According to studies, retention of subject matter can be 250% greater with e-learning versus the traditional classroom-based approach.

Always Fresh.
Materials can be updated easily and readily.

Cost Effective.
With employee turnover near 120% in foodservice, companies are paying millions to retrain their workforces. On average, an astonishing 40 cents of every dollar spent on corporate classroom learning is consumed by travel costs. Distance learning is clearly the most cost effective means to quickly address these inefficiencies. Studies show companies experience an immediate 40-60% cost savings on technology-delivered courses, compared to in-person, instructor-led courses.

Companies will be able to measure and manage the "who, when, how & why" of the training process. Digitally-delivered training allows managers to track and manage training through digital registration, electronic assignments and real-time reporting.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  Food Safety Training   Culinary Training
  Customer Service   Interviewing Techniques
  New product/ menu rollout   Manager Development / Empowerment Training
  New Employee Training   Scheduling and Running Shifts
  Equipment Usage Training   Cleaning and Maintenance of Equipment
  Controlling Costs   Conflict Resolution/Confrontation Skills


For the first time in the history, employers must simultaneously manage four distinct generations: Traditionalists born before 1943; Baby Boomers born 1943-1960; Generation X born 1960-1980; and GenY born after 1980.

GenY differs dramatically from prior generations in its comfort with technology. Born and raised with computers, electronic gaming, and cellular phones, GenY will dominate tomorrow's workforce (estimated 18-22 million workers). Are you prepared to train this digitally-fluent segment of your workforce? All of our learning solutions address GenY in its native language.*

Delivery Models
Through its products suite, GenWork Solutions ™, StarChefs offers end-to-end, generational-based learning solutions to hospitality and foodservice operators. These Generational learning solutions build on and improve existing learning programs through the following delivery vehicles:
1. Multi-Media E Learning – Corporate training, once "one size fits all," can now be customized via the web. StarChefs works closely with in-house training departments to develop tailored programs that ensure knowledge is redeployed more efficiently throughout the corporation. Programs use the following models: Interactive training, distance learning seminars and videos delivered over the web. StarChefs offers cost-effective, 24x7 delivery of text, video or animation.

Digitized Text-Based
StarChefs will create a text-based online course including: syllabus, text and graphics-only lessons, downloadable materials, emailed assignments and a message board.

Using corporate personnel, actors, and/or animation, StarChefs will create lecture-based online courses. Prerecorded lectures may be hosted online for 24/7 access; StarChefs can also present live web-cast lectures. The video/animation model includes downloadable materials, emailed assignments and a message board.

2. Games-Based Learning and Certification
– Engages Gen X & Gen Y in their native digital language with testing, tracking and certification. Software tracks response accuracy and generates performance reports. Instead of suffering through the experience, employees enjoy the learning process.

3. Visual-Only Solutions – The true solution to literacy and language challenges - Training programs with NO Text and NO Verbal.

4. WWW - Wireless Wearable Workforce™ – Delivering training and reinforcement through wearable pagers. Always on!

5. Mobile Training Solutions ™ – Delivering training through "teen tools" - i.e. MP3 players, CDs, PDAs.

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Creative Appeal: Inspired by StarChefs award-winning online food and food-related content.

Technical Expertise: Over 30 years' experience in visual presentation and production.

Successful Track Record: Loyal web clients include American Express, Maytag, Evian, The James Beard Foundation and 85 celebrity chefs.

*From Digital Game-Based Learning by Marc Prensky, 2001.

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