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Posted by Bill on September 11, 2000 at 11:03:32:

In Reply to: Re: Guest irritations. posted by M on November 08, 1999 at 12:15:18:

You are in the service business. A customer who is told the place closes at 10 has a right to be expected to come in and be served. How is that person supposed to know that "the kitchen closed at 9"?

As the other poster said, if you want to leave at 10, tell people you close at 9. Don't accept any new customers after 9. Just don't mislead your customers by saying you close at 10 and then telling someone who comes at 9:45 "the kitchen closed at 10."

You'll notice, at the "better" or more upscale restaurants a closing time of 10 means that's the time they stop serving *new* customers. Someone who comes at 9:45 is allowed to order and even allowed to stay beyond 10 to finish. By the way, some restaurants even stay open a little after the posted closing time.

If you absolutely have to leave at a certain time to pick up your child at day care, etc., work that out with your employer.

: : : There is a few things that annoy me about guests coming into my place. Guests who come in at 1 minute till close, those are fun people.

: : If the place is open until ten I expect to be seated if I get there one minute before. If you want everyone out by ten then close at nine!

: Shuttle--I guess you're obviously not understanding her gripe! Yes, technically, if a restaurant is open until ten and you come in five minutes before closing you should be able to "expect to be seated." But, why on earth would you WANT to?? Especially, if you're the only one in the restaurant! Do you like the uncomfortable feeling of keeping EVERYONE (cooks, server,manager) there for at least another hour catering to you? (I know some people get off on that) How would you like it if I showed up at where YOU work at 4:55 and kept you at work for another hour/hour&1/2,while you're doing my bidding and wondering how you're going to make it in time to pick up little Johnny at daycare or make it on time for any of a host of (outside of work) obligations----hmmmm? Be honest! I'm sure your attitude about this would change completely. Servers have a life too--outside of you! Please try to remember that as in my opinion, it's just common courtesy.

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