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Posted by Dj on January 20, 19100 at 16:40:02:

In Reply to: RE: UNRULY CHILDREN posted by Posted by: alexandra k t on Mon Mar 10 21:25:59 1997 :

First off I would like to say that I stumbed upon this site looking for some help on-line because of my childs behavor. I am a mother of what you would call "An Unruly Child" And I an very disappointed in all of these people who seem to think that for one it is the parents fault and two YOUR behavor. I can see the fact of the waitpeople not wanting to put up with the children.. it is not their responsibiliy but as a perent of one of these children all I can say is what do you expect us to do? If we spank or disapline the child we are likley to go to jail because someone will think that it is not the "right" ways to deal with it. As a parent they have pretty much taken, in public and in our own homes, the right to deal with a child accordingly. I am not saying abuse but even a simple slap upon the hand can get a parent into alot of trouble. But I also know not ALL parents are to blame for thier childs unrulyness, god knows I have tryed about everything that would "normally" work to get my child to behave. And yes I have taught her table manners but you can NOT MAKE the child use them.. short of physically forcing them.. I am sorry. And for the waitpeople also just be thankful you do not have to deal with it on an everyday basis =) I don't know how many countless time I have just cleaned the floor to have her mess it up with food.. spill her dinner (if not everyones).. tripped over her. Although I know how difficult your jobs must be, parents can not LOCK UP their children nor themself until they "learn" how to behave. I go out to dinner about once every 2-3 month due to the trial.. but I too deserve the right to go out upon occation. And I have always been respectful and kept my table tidy.. stacking the plates and I also leave a fair tip. That is about all I think I have to say.. have a good day =)

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