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Posted by Theresa on October 19, 2000 at 15:45:34:

In Reply to: Re: separate checks posted by Garcon on the rampage on April 29, 1998 at 02:25:36:

Some restaurants won't even give you separate checks if you ask up front.

Sometines it is really a problem if you put everyone on one check and you have to figure out who ordered each item. It gets worse if people forget the drinks they ordered or forget the tip, and there's sometimes one cheapo in the crowd trying to pay less than he should or somebody that left early before the check came.

It's not always fair to just split it evenly. If one couple spent $60 and another couple spent $20, do you really think it's fair to split it evenly? Maybe the couple who spent less really can't afford to do that.

: : Separate Checks - When you are dining with a group and the waitpersoncannot or willnot give separate checks or even checks for each couple.If you are with close friends it isn` too bad to just divide by thenumber of people, but if you are with a club or a with people who orderappetizers, wine and desserts and you are only ordering a basic dinner,you don` want to pay for all of their extras.

: The reason is you don't say it up front. I know, I know, I'm supposed to read your mind. I can't do it very well yet though. One day maybe. It's a grand pain in my ass to go back through the entire bill and figure out who had what just because you were too giddy at being out to let me know that all 20 of you want some bizarre mathematic calculations performed with your bill. Although you all got what you ordered, I have too much going on to remember what goes on which bill when separated. Besides, why in the world are you eating dinner with people you would not be willing to pick up the check for in the first place? Or, if it's a club, why do need that many people around you when you eat? Dining is a personal experience best left to groups no larger than eight. Oh, another idea. Quit being such a cheap-ass and divide the bill evenly.

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