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Posted by Ron on July 07, 2000 at 00:39:08:

In Reply to: Restaurant Annoyances posted by eJack on June 09, 1999 at 04:33:01:

: I may not have a whole ten, but here goes:

: 1. Noise - including hard surfaces, muzak, juke boxes, live bands, and jerks screaming at each other, with or without a cell phone.
: 2. Lack of accomodation for smokers. I'll happily vote for segregation in this case!

*****You smoke-you suck. Go outside.
3. Tables without individual pepper mills (or at least a pepper shaker - I hate being left pepperless after along about the 4th or 5th bite
: 4. Waitstaff who introduce themselves by first name.

******Would you prefer surname preceded by Mister?
5. Rooms that are too dark to see in (often the same places too noisy to hear/converse in)
: 6. Miniscule tables
: 7. Accepting over-bookings, and holding "no-show" reservations for more than 10 minutes.
: 8. Wine List mark-ups 3 to 4 times retail (after all the restaurant is presumeably getting wholesale case prices on the stufff.
: 9. "Trendiness" on just about all of the menu. Of course I'm willing to experiment at times, but I really don't like having no choice to but to be experimented UPON!

*****My grandmother thinks bread and olive oil is a trendy combination

: 10."Corkage" fees in places that don't sell wine themselves.

****If they do sell wine why are you taking in your own bottle, cheapskate. And if they don't sell wine do you want to drink off the bottle and pass it around? Or bring your own glassware and corkscrew?

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