Ask The Trendspotters
Laurie Blass and Pam Elder

Ask the Trendspotters is produced for StarChefs by Laurie Blass and Pam Elder, e-learning designers specializing in web-based professional development programs for the foodservice industry.

As food writers who have developed online continuing education courses for the Culinary Institute of America and others, they research up-to-date information on the latest trends and strategies busy culinary professionals need to know. (And ideas serious recreational cooks find interesting and useful, too.)

For Ask the Trendspotters, they'll be surveying industry news sources on a regular basis to help you keep current with contemporary culinary concepts.

Just scan the Trendspotters' news regularly. You'll find information on the latest techniques and equipment, hot technology tips, and inspiring ingredient ideas. It's an easy way to jumpstart your creativity while improving your bottom-line.

Have a question? Ask the Trendspotters-your custom infoseeker for culinary ideas and answers!

Laurie Blass has a B.A. in French. A semester in Paris led to a lifelong love affair with food and cooking. As a professional writer and editor with a wide-range of clients, she developed foodservice training and marketing guides for ARAMARK.

Pam Elder has a B.S. in Food and Nutrition and is a member of the San Francisco Professional Food Society. An experienced educator and food publicist, Pam has a collection of over 500 food and wine books, many dating from earlier centuries.

In 1996, Pam and Laurie founded Heuristix, an S.F. Bay Area instructional design company specializing in foodservice and culinary training.

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Laurie Blass and Pam Elder find hearth breads and pastries "da portare" (to go) at Il Fornaio (Corte Madera, CA).