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An ever-growing library of 30,000+ pages of in-depth information including chef recipes and culinary techniques, interviews and bios, industry news, and trends.

Chefs: An unprecedented collection of chefs' biographies, cookbook collections, recipes, photographs, and one-on-one interviews.
Recipe Search: An exhaustive, searchable database of professional-level recipes and custom-designed Quickmeals™, for both the professional and home cook.

Rising Stars: Select, up-and-coming chef profiles featuring new chefs that we discover around the country and the world, plus their recipes. Our Rising Stars Awards Gala moves around the nation celebrating chefs in major and sometimes unexpected cities. In 2009 we take the Revue to Seattle, California Wine Country, New York, and Boston. For more about about Rising Stars:

Seasonal: Seasonal ingredient and holiday-focused features include recipes from some of the nation’s best chefs. 

Wine: A comprehensive wine section devoted to wine lovers. Each month wine writer Jim Clarke highlights a region, a food pairing, and keeps us up to date with “Recently Tasted.” Additionally, "Ask the Sommelier," is our wine expert feature that lets readers interact with a sommelier through unlimited Q&A sessions, and includes useful tips and pairing suggestions.
Techniques: An instructive feature that highlights techniques from chefs across the world, designed to educate and give direct access to chefs’ signature skills. Learn how to make isomalt garnishes from El Bulli Pasrty Chef Albert Adrià, or how to prepare tripe by Chef Chris Cosentino.

Columns: Our contributors let StarChefs spread the word with insightful commentary about food, wine, restaurants, chefs, and culinary destinations. Our columns include Chef Norman Van Aken’s “Word on Food”, Mitchell Davis’ “Forklift,” and Chef Barton Seaver's with his column “A Sustainable Kitchen.”

News & Events
In "Rumbles & Murmurs", you'll find the latest information on who's going where to cook from our regional correspondents and industry insiders around the country. Headlines, trends, and news affecting the world of chefs, restaurants, and foodservice can be found in our Newsroom. We also offer a press release tool that allows public relations professionals to upload their clients’ releases to be posted on

Events: features the hottest culinary events across the country, from our Rising Stars Revues to our International Chefs Congress. StarChefs offers pre- and post event coverage of select industry events, as well as monthly publication of "The FOOD Calendar", a comprehensive guide to food and wine events across the country, written by Arlyn Blake.

Webcasts and Video on Demand
Live and taped broadcasts of food industry events. For several years StarChefs has, for example, webcast the James Beard Foundation Awards.

Community Interaction
Forums: StarChefs’ audience of food industry professionals and obsessive food lovers voice their opinions on future food trends, wine ratings, restaurant reviews, and just about everything in the food world.

Community Network: A resource for the exchange of culinary culture. Learn about professional associations, charitable organizations, and more. Our community area features the James Beard Foundation Dateline, our guide to finding Farm Fresh Markets in your neighborhood, and our Culinary School Finder.

Ask the Experts: Stay ahead of the culinary curve with professional interactive tools, such as Ask the Sommelier, Ask the Trendspotters, Ask the Hospitality Career Expert, Ask the Entertainers, and Ask the Editor.