StarChefs About Us General Editorial Tasting Guidelines travels the country tasting Chefs, Pastry Chefs, Sommeliers, and Bar Chefs to consider featuring on our website and for our Rising Stars Awards. Chefs should be prepared to have their picture taken.

For Savory and Pastry Chefs Tasting:
For the upcoming editorial tasting, we'd like the Chef to serve 5 dishes (no more, no less) of his choice. Ideally 2-3 would come from the regular menu, the others can be off the menu (specials or otherwise...). The dishes should best reflect who he is as a chef - we are evaluating creativity, innovation, taste and presentation. They do not need to be the "popular" menu items.

The same guidelines apply for the Pastry Chef, but only 3 desserts should be served.

For Sommelier Tasting:
If there is a sommelier at the restaurant who would like to considered for editorial coverage in addition to savory and pastry chefs, we’d like the sommelier to pair a 2-3 oz portion of wine with 5 of the dishes served by the Chef. The wine choices should reflect who they are as a sommelier – we are evaluating creativity in pairing, how the wine compliments the food, and the use of wine to enhance a dining experience.

Tasters will be Antoinette Bruno, Editor-in-Chief of and Will Blunt, Managing Editor of As our tasters generally do multiple tastings per day, we prefer tasting-size portions served. Dishes will be photographed and notes will be taken.

Some of Our Features include: