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Pumpkin Tips and Facts
1) In general, the flesh from smaller-sized pumpkins (about 3 pounds) is sweeter, more tender and more succulent.

2) Select pumpkins that feel heavy and compact for their size and do not have blemishes.

3) You can store whole pumpkins at room temperature for up to about one month or refrigerate them for approximately three months.

4) Pumpkins can be cooked in the same way as other squash. Use a cleaver or very large knife to split the pumpkin in half or in wedges. Scoop out the seeds and string before cooking.

5) The best cooking methods are baking and braising.

6) Cook pumpkin until it is very tender, but not mushy.

7) Pumpkins, a type of squash, come from the same family as cucumbers, gourds and melons. They are often called "winter" squashes. They are sources of vitamin A, beta-carotene and fiber.

Featured Recipes:
We gathered some great recipes from side dishes to main course, you'll find the elusive aroma of pumpkins easy to capture in these wonderful cookbooks.

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