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Nadsa de Monteiro on How to Make The Elephant Walk
  Born in Cambodia, but raised in Yugoslavia, the Philippines, Taiwan and France, Nadsa draws on her international background for inspiration in the kitchen. As a child she learned to appreciate good food but had little interest in cooking. When she began living on her own and discovered her palate demanded a sophisticated cuisine, that changed. Working with her mother, garnering her advice during many long phone calls, she learned to cook out of necessity... More Bio

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The Elephant Walk Cookbook celebrates the cuisine of Cambodia. Nadsa is passionate about creating good food then inspiring Americans to expand their palates. She wants them to try the unexpected flavors she has known since childhood. This cookbook showcases the restaurant's efforts to bring new colors to the American palate.
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Banana Blossom Salad
Sour Soup with Tomato and Lotus
Pork Brochettes with Shredded Coconut
Sweet Mung Bean Rolls
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The Elephant Walk
2067 Massachussetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140

The Elephant Walk
900 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02215

663 Main St
Waltham, MA
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The following are ingredients that play an integral part in Cambodian cooking.
Kaffir Lime Leaves
The Essence of Cambodian Cuisine


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