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From Michel Nischan, Heartbeat at the W New York Hotel, New York, NY

Watermelon, My Way

Check this out!!! Get a variety of great summer melons - red watermelon, seedless yellow watermelon, cantaloupe, Galla, honeydew, etceteras. Put them all into a deep tub, large cooler, or vessel big enough to hold them all leaving room for some ice. Cover them completely with ice and add water. Soak for two hour so the melons get very cold. Get the largest, freshest gingerroot, or roots you can find. Split the root(s) in half then slice a few limes. Remove the melons from the water and slice them according to their shape. Arrange them on a platter or right on the picnic table atop some large greens like collards or romaine. Arrange the split ginger beside the melons with the sliced limes. Take a slice of melon, rub it on the ginger, and then squeeze some lime on it. WOW!!!! Summer!