Lynne Rossetto Kasper
Host of The Splendid Table
produced by Minnesota Public Radio and Tom Voegeli Productions,
distributed by Public Radio International

Lynne's Corner: Questions from public radio's food program The Splendid Table

How can we be sure we are getting the real thing when we buy olive oil?

Is there a difference between the fresh anise bulb sold in the supermarket and the fresh fennel bulb called for in a recipe?

How can I control the taste of sourdough and how can I control the strength in terms of rising times?

Does it make a difference what I use to start the sourdough? I'm using a recipe that calls for grapes.

Can you recommend some quality imported and domestic packaged pasta?

What do you recommend to reduce the work of slicing and dicing?

Why is my Alfredo sauce clumpy?

Why does my cooked chicken get tough?

What books are out there for cooking for one person?

How do you make puff pastry?

I'm busy, but I want to bake bread. What to do?

How can I salvage brown sugar that's turned to stone?

Do you recommend non-stick spray-on oil?

Why shouldn't I measure dry ingredients in a glass container?

What are my options for mincing garlic?

How would I go about roasting my own coffee beans?

What can I do with grape leaves?

How can I find out about food events across the country?

How can I find out about community supported agriculture?

How do I boil eggs without cracking them?

What should I use a copper bowl for?

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