S N A P P E R T A N D O O R I, C A Y E N N E R I N G S & B L A C K B E A N S


Combineingredients 2 thru 12, mix well. To marinate, coat each filet with tandoori marinade and store chilled until cooking.

Black beans:

Heat oil, add onion, celery, and green pepper, sauté. Then add garlic, chili, beans, stock, and tomatoes. Cook until beans are soft.

Add roasted peppers, salt, and lime juice. Finish with a dash of white wine.

Mango chutney:

Combine diced mango, cilantro, lime juice, and maple syrup in large bowl, finish with salt & pepper to taste.

Cayenne onion rings:

Mix flour, chili powder, cayenne, and salt. Place onions in buttermilk, then into flour mixture, covering completely.

Fry in 350 degree oil, until golden.

To serve:

Black bean salad on plate with snapper on top then mango chutney, finish cayenne onion rings.

Wine suggestions: Kistler "Vine Hill" Chardonnay 1994 or Arrowood Chardonnay 1993

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