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Adobo: A stew-ey substance, usually made with meat that is surrounded in a red chile sauce.

Batida: A mix of fruit juices or nut extracts and cachaça.

Cachaça: Distilled from fermented sugarcane, it is Brazil's national spirit. Similar to white lightning, it finds its way into sauces and marinades as well as shot glasses.

Camarone: The Spanish word for shrimp and once you add some Babarete salsa, you'll never crave cocktail sauce again.

Ceviche: Raw seafood combined with citrus juice which "cooks" the fish by combining with its protein. One bite and you'll say its "well done."

Empanada: Pasties, turnovers, call it what you will, the Latin version of the dough envelope.

Mas: Spanish for more, which is what you get at the nuevo Latino restaurant in Chicago under that name.

Mojo: When mojo starts working, it can complement any meal. A spicy condiment typically made with garlic, citrus juice, oil, and at least one type of herb.

Tilapia: A mild-tempered saltwater whitefish transferred from schools in Costa Rica.

Poblano: A green-black, thick-fleshed chile that turns red when mature. If only we had such an easy signal for people.


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