1 Central Park West
New York City, 10023

Lunch Appetizer: $ 15 -$35
Lunch Entrees: $ 29 - $42
Prix Fixe Lunch (4 courses): $45
Prix Fixe Dinner (3 courses): $85
Tasting Menu (7 courses): $115
Truffle Tasting Menu (7 courses) : $220
(There is no "a la carte menu" for dinner.
Tasting menus are limited to the entire table)

Located at Columbus Circle in the lobby level of Donald Trump's International Hotel and Tower, restaurant Jean Georges is among New York City's very small circle of 4-star restaurants. Designer Adam Tihany has created a visually stunning space, with floor to ceiling windows overlooking Central Park and a soothing palette of taupe, ecru and silver. The restaurant is divided into two dining rooms - the 4-star Jean Georges and Nougatine, a slightly more casual dining room with a sophisticated, hip bar scene and an exhibition kitchen with a full view of Jean-Georges and his staff at work. During the warmer months, you can enjoy outdoor dining and cocktails at the Mistral Terrace, with views of Central Park. In conceiving this restaurant Jean-Georges wanted to bring back the elegance of tableside service to accompany his signature style of modern French cooking.

"It is time to revive the kind of service that is reminiscent of the 40's and 50's," states the Chef and Co-owner. "We wanted to bring back tableside service for two reasons: first, because it is elegant and graceful; second and more importantly, I felt it was time to bring the excitement and the wonderful aromas of food preparation back into the dining room. After all, we cooks are the ones that have been having all the fun in the kitchen -- that first aromatic smell of freshly sliced meat or the placement of the perfect garnish to finish a dish will now be experienced by the guests. It will add a sense of aliveness and conviviality to the dining room that focuses on the food."

The cuisine at Jean Georges is based on the deceivingly-simple philosophy of using the highest quality ingredients and preparing them in a way that allows their natural flavors to stand on their own. Whenever possible, meats and fish are cooked whole, on the bone, to keep their flavors and juices intact, and then served tableside. As a man in a constant quest to find and refine new flavors to pique his interest and our palates, Jean-Georges spents months of research and weeks of foraging Upstate New York, that he clearly defined his new palette of seasonings and accompaniments for his menu at Jean Georges -- wild edible plants. Garlic Mustard, Yarrow, Sylvetta, Burnet, Chickweed and Nettles, to name just a few. Used to garnish a dish, sautéed as an accompaniment, or added as an integral seasoning in a sauce, they are found throughout the menu and change regularly with the seasons. These old flavors, brand new to our 20th century palates, are clean, intense and pure, and add a depth of flavor to the food.

The Jean Georges dining room is opened for lunch Monday through Friday and for dinner Monday through Saturday. Nougatine is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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