We've got excellent news for those of you who dream of going to Vong on a weekly basis! You don't have to wait to savor Jean-Georges' perfectly seasoned dishes. You can prepare a home-cooked meal à la Vong with Jean-Georges' ready-made sauces, vinaigrettes, spice blends and grapeseed oil. Not only do these products add the signature Vong flavors to your own cooking, they make for speedy and easy preparation!

per person

  • 6-ounce piece sushi quality tuna
  • 1 Tablespoon Fisherman's Four-Star Spice
  • Salt

Season tuna with salt and Fisherman's Four-Star Spice on both sides. Heat grill to high and cook tuna just until there are grill marks, keeping the tuna rare. Remove from grill and slice. Layer on plate and serve with Vong Tamarind Sauce on the side.