Winners were announced at a ceremony on May 8th, 2000
Mary Ann Howkins,
"Is There a Killer in Your Kitchen"

May 1999

Perri Klass
Gourmet Magazine,
"The Lunch Box as Battlefield"

November 1999
Ken McAlpine,
Southwest Airline Spirits,
"Covet Thy Neighbor's Chocolate
August 1999

Michael Apstein
The Boston Globe,
"To Your Health-Or Is It?
" August 11, 1999
Janet Fletcher,
San Francisco Chronicle, "Allergic to Your Dinner? Food Sensitivities Can Make Dining Out a Nightmare"
April 14, 1999
Kim Severson,
San Francisco Chronicle, "They're off to College Now Choosing What and How Much to Eat Becomes a Freshman Survival Skill"
August 25, 1999
Magazine feature writing with recipes
Bill Bryson,
Bon Appétit,
"Strolling Hampstead
October 1999
Cal Fussman,
July 1999

James Villas
Gourmet Magazine,
"P.C. and Proud of It
November 1999
Newspaper feature writing with recipes

Cathy Barber
Dallas Morning News,
"The Real Parmigiano Reggiano
April 1999
Miriam Morgan,
San Francisco Chronicle, "Sugar, Sugar"
March 31, 1999
Stephanie Rosenbaum,
San Francisco Bay Guardian, "Fried in the Name of Love"
November 24, 1999
Magazine feature writing without recipes

Lisa Amand
Boston Magazine,
"My Dinners With Alan
January 1999
Michael Austin,
North Shore Magazine, "Charlie in Charge"
October 1999
Roy Tim Warren,
Smithsonian Magazine,
"True Grits"

October 1999
Newspaper feature writing without recipes

Robin Davis
San Francisco Chronicle,
"Sushi American Style
December 1, 1999
Emily Green,
Los Angeles Times, "Cheshire's Last Stand"
June 23, 1999
Kathleen Triesch,
Seattle Times,
"Wasabi Tsunami
July 11, 1999
Magazine Feature Writing about Restaurants and/or Chefs with or without Recipes
Alan Richman,
"Too Much Is Never Enough
May 1999

Mimi Sheraton
Vanity Fair,
"Seasons in the Sun"
August 1999
Michael Ruhlman,
Gourmet Magazine,
"Natural-Born Keller
October 1999
Newspaper Feature Writing about Restaurants and /or Chefs with or without Recipes
Douglas Hanks,
The Washington Post, "Eat Your Way to the Beach"
June 2, 1999
John Kessler,
Atlanta Journal-Constitution,
"The Image Game: Fine Dining Finds Place at Bellagio Tables"
January 31, 1999

Kim Severson
San Francisco Chronicle,
"The Rise and Fall of a Star: How the King of California Cuisine Lost an Empire
September 29, 1999
Magazine restaurant review or critique
Maria Gallagher,
Philadelphia Magazine
Jonathan Gold, Gourmet Magazine
Alan Richman
Newspaper restaurant review or critique
Michael Bauer,
San Francisco Chronicle
Moira Hodgson,
New York Observer

Journalist: Craig LaBan
The Philadelphia Inquirer
Magazine series

Colman Andrews
Saveur Magazine,
"The Fishmonger's Table

Inside the Palazzo"
November 1999
Gerald Asher,
Gourmet Magazine, "Thirst for Knowledge
February, October and November 1999
Karen MacNeil-Fife,
Sunset Magazine,
"A Word About Wine
"A Matter of Taste" &
" Now We're Cooking"
May, September and November 1999
Newspaper series
Beverly Bundy,
Fort Worth Star-Telegram,
"The Century in Food
First Wednesday each month 1999

Marlene Parrish
, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,
"Are You Game?
"Foll Play" &
"Bison is at Home on Many an Adventuresome Restaurant Table
January 21, June 10 and October 14, 1999
Journalist: David Shaw,
Los Angeles Times,
"Profile of Robert Parker - He Spits and the World Listens"

February 23-24, 1999
Magazine Writing on Spirits, wine & beer
Gerald Asher,
Gourmet Magazine,
"Wine Journal: Albarino
September 1999

Rod Smith
Wine & Spirits,
"Purple Gold Rush"
August 1999
Marguerite Thomas,
The Wine News,
"Treading Traditions
December 1999
Newspaper writing on spirits, wine & beer
Chris Christensen,
The Oregonian FOODday,
"A Winner by the Nose"
August 17, 1999
Michael Skube,
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "Experiments with Hops a Welcome Development"
August 26, 1999
Christina Waters,
Metro Santa Cruz,
"Blood Red and Ready to Rock
October 14-20, 1999
Internet Writing on Food, Nutrition, Restaurant Review, or Beverage Not Previously Published with or wothout Recipes
Lisa Chernick, food.epicurious.com,
"French Connection: Inside Scoop from the Author of the New Food Lover's Guide to Paris"
June 1999
Cara De Silva, starchefs.com,
"Cara De Silva's A Fork in the Road Letters on Traveling and Dining
January-February, 1999

Irene Sax
, food.epicurious.com,
"Great Expectations
October 20, 1999
M.F.K. Fisher Distinguished Writing Award
Colman Andrews,
Saveur Magazine,
"A Magical City to Devour"
June 1999
A. Manette Ansay, Gourmet Magazine,
"The Last Word: And He Cooks, Too
December 1999

Greg Atkinson
Food Arts,
"Diary of a Stagiaire"

May 1999

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