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The Irish Heritage by Margaret Johnson, 1999

Classic Irish Recipes by Georgina Campbell, 1992

The Complete Book of Irish Country Cooking:
Traditional and Wholesome Recipes from Ireland,

by Darina Allen, 1996

A Cook's Celebration of Ireland in an Irish Country Kitchen
by Clare Connery 1993

Gourmet Ireland by Paul Rankin, 1997

The New Cooking of Britain and Ireland:
A Culinary Journey in Search of Regional Foods and Innovative Chefs

by Gwenda L. Hyman, 1995

Pot Luck: Potato Recipes from Ireland
by Nell Donnelly, 1987

Irish Food & Folklore by Clare Connery, 1998

The Joyce of Cooking: Food and Drink from James Joyce's Dublin
by AlisonArmstrong, 1986

Recipes from Ireland by Joanne Asala, 1995

Savoring Ireland: Cooking Through the Seasons by Nuala Cullen

The Festive Food of Ireland by Darina Allen, 1993

Cooking the Irish Way (Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks)
by Helga Hughes, et al, 1996
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