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You need not travel to Ireland to find a brew worthy of accompanying these tasty St. Patrick's Day dishes. This all-star trio of Irish brews are well-known around the world for good reason: they are the best. Order a pint at your local pub, or, if you're staying in to make an Irish dinner, you can find them at your neighborhood convenience store or deli...
Guinness: As Irish as Ireland itself, it is the standard against which all other stouts are measured. Its sweet, dark roasty start is perfectly punctuated by its long, satisfying, bitter finish. Although it is rich and full-bodied enough to stand alone as a meal, Guinness is a dream companion for tackling lamb. Its depth and character is up to the task of standing up to lamb's gamey taste. Try it with Chef Mauro's Shepherd's pie or Margaret Johnson's Lamb Shanks Braised in Guiness.
Murphy's Irish Stout: Sometimes called the "other" Irish stout. It is still no slouch. It looks red but tastes black. Some say it is slightly lighter bodied and a bit sweeter than Guinness, but all around, the two are very similar. Taste them and see if you can tell the difference.
Harp Lager: This is not a typical Irish offering with its high carbonation and hoppy nose. Harp Lager is technically a German Light Lager, but it's a classic enjoyed by many an Irishman. It is a sharp, golden lager with light body, but full flavor. Consider having Harp at the end of the meal to "chase" the bold flavors of the lamb and stout. It will clean your palette for the Irish Farmhouse cheese and fruit.
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