Rare Breast of Duck Lacquered with Spiced Honey

Serves 4.


1. Using a sharp knife, trim and remove the sinew and membrane from the underside of the duck. With the skin side down trim off any excess skin and fat from around the perimeter of the breast.

2. Flip over each breast and score the skin by cutting through the skin without cutting the meat in diagonal lines about 1/4" apart the length of the breast. Turn the breast 90 degrees and repeat so there are small diamond patterns on the entire length of skin. This technique will help render as much fat from the breast as possible leaving a crisp and golden skin.

3. Place the honey and port wine in a non reactive pot and bring to a simmer, making sure to skim off any impurities rising to the surface. Reduce by exactly half.

4. When the honey/port mixture is reduced, add all the spices, juices and zests. Let cool to room temperature. Strain.

5. Pre-heat oven to 425 F.

6. Place a sauté pan on a medium flame and season the duck breast with salt and few turns of a pepper mill on both sides. When the pan is hot place the breast skin side down and slightly reduce the heat. The breast will immediately start to render its fat and prevent the breast from sticking.

7. When the breasts are golden brown, turn them in the pan to remove the visible rawness and remove from the pan when the breasts are still very rare.

8. Brush the duck breasts on the skin side liberally with the spiced honey and place in the oven to cook to a perfect medium rare (approx. 2 minutes) and allow the honey to take on a shiny, lacquered finish. Allow to rest for 2 minutes before slicing.

9. Slice the duck breast into thin (1/4") pieces and fan out on a warm plate.

This duck preparation works well in a salad with greens, or as an entree. At Restaurant Sent Soví it is served with Sauteed Apples and a Savory Fennel Cake.


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