The Complete Book
of Irish Country Cooking:

Traditional and Wholesome
Recipes from Ireland

288 pgs
Publication date: March 1, 1996
Published by Penguin USA

Wholesome, simple, and comfortingly nostalgic, Irish food is famous for its heartiness and use of fresh ingredients. Over many years Darina Allen has researched the culinary heritage of Ireland and The Complete Book Of Irish Country Cooking brings these recipes together--from the Irishman's Omelette, Watercress Soup, Michealmas Goose with Traditional Potato and Apple Stuffing, to Funeral Ham and Irish Coffee Meringue and Apple Amble Tart. But the book itself is much more than an Irish cookbook, as it is the first to gather together the history of the traditional dishes of Ireland--and with the passing of this generation, they would certainly have been lost. Darina Allen traveled around Ireland, speaking to the local people and collecting together the recipes. In the book each one is introduced by its history and specially commissioned photographs of the Irish landscape are interspersed throughout.

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