Chip Fisher's Newsletter
Chip Fisher formerly of Lamalle Kitchenware

Professional grade cookware, once found only in restaurants and hotels, has become a retailer's dream in the past ten years. It is not uncommon to hear of people spending thousands of dollars to equip and decorate their kitchens with gleaming copper pots and useful, if not eccentric, gadgets.

As of late, home cooks have begun to dabble in garde manger, food molding and even plating their foods like a restaurant. This craze is due, in part, to the emergence of products in the retail market that make these tasks so much easier. While I believe that consumers will continue to stock their kitchens with quality cookware, it is, as always, clear that every dollar counts. It is far wiser to take care of the basics before collecting an array of products that are used once or twice a year.

The following pages are what I consider to be the backbone of the kitchen.
You will certainly be able to identify what is essential to your way of cooking.

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